Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Man Attempts to Trade Drugs for PSP

PSP's are pretty popular today in the world, but I never knew they were that popular! Here's a 22-year old man, Steven Priddey, who attempted to steal a PSP in Worchester, England. Priddey claims that he made a deal with the store employee, Richard Shurmer; he would give Shurmer cannabis in exchange for a PSP. However, Shurmer denied it, and stated that he saw the man sticking the said PSP down his pants on the security cameras.

However, when questioned, Shurmer admitted he had made drug deals with Priddey on several occasions, but had never agreed to exchange drugs for a PSP. Priddey was found guilty eventually because the shop employee had no right to give away items the store was selling! Apparently, Priddey's lawyer claims that the drugs have affected his ability to think clearly and make decisions.

So, instead of paying around $170 US for a PSP, he ended up with 12 months of probation service and a fine of around $800 US! It's pretty interesting how some people's work, even if they are on drugs!

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that's life sometimes