Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Top 3 Programming Languages for Beginners

A lot of people who are interested in programming ask, "what is the easiest beginner-friendly language out there?". There are many great languages out there with their own levels of difficulty, but I would personally recommend Java, Python and Ruby. They're powerful languages that don't turn off a student or beginner with complex code. They teach the student important concepts which can be applied to other languages as well!
  1. Python is an object-orientated language that was designed as an introduction to structured programming. It encourages the basic programming principles such as indentation and proper syntax. The syntax is clean compared to other popular beginner languages such a Java. Clean code is easier to read, write and understand. As a bonus, Python is open-source, freely distributed and teaches students many concepts that exist in other popular languages.

  1. Ruby is another object-orientated language that is similar to Python. It's helpful and encourages many students to experiment with it. It's flexible and a powerful tool for beginners.

  1. Java is an object-orientated language that is taught in some schools. The basic concepts in Java are simple and easy to learn, even if you've never seen a programming language before. Java is one of the many languages taught in entry-level programming courses in high school. It features a great introduction of the basic concepts for students, making it an easier transition into those higher-level languages.

Personally, I started learning in Java and it's been a great experience trying out new languages. Don't be afraid to try out new things!

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