Saturday, July 26, 2008

Paradise Kiss Episode 12 - Ending!


So recently, I watched the last episode of Paradise Kiss and the ending was totally not expected. I expected that Yukari would have ended up with George, but that wasn't the case at all. After watching it, I wished that the story would continue because it was beautifully written.

Kaori vists George on Christmas Day, only to find out that she had interrupted George and Yukari, and Yukari was not at all pleased with it. However, Kaori tells George to go London to pursue a career as a designer, but George tells her about his plans to be a make-up artist and his desire for breaking up Paradise Kiss. This proceeds to him talking to his father, where his father agrees to sponsor his overseas study in design.

On New Years' Eve, Yukari and George arrive at a festival watching the sunset. George tells her that he is planning to go to Paris to pursue design and asks Yukari to come with him. With tears in her eyes, she declines and tells him that she has just started her modelling career in Japan and cannot come with him. George smiles and tells her that it was the right decision.

Ten years later, Yukari is engaged to her classmate and first crush - Hiro. She tells readers avidly that she is going to be married in two weeks and that they have been sent tickets to a broadway play in New York - a play whose costumes were designed by George Koizumi.

As I said before, the end was not expected for me. I had expected a typical, happy ending where the two main characters would end up together, but that was not the case. However, it was the lack of the typical happy ending that made this anime/manga so wonderful. I don't believe that it was sad, but it was very realistic. Although I love seeing George and Yukari together (they are so cute.. xD), I think it was better for Yukari in the end to marry Hiro and not George. She needs a lover that is willing to shower her with a lot of affection and love and someone to spoil her. In my opinion, George is unable to do all of that for her.

I recommend everyone to watch this and then read the manga! The anime is okay, but the manga is just simply amazing.

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