Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paradise Kiss

So recently, I've been obsessed with the anime/manga NANA. Now I'm obsessed with the anime/manga Paradise Kiss, which is by the same author as NANA. Paradise Kiss is about a high school student, Yukari, who does not know what to do in life except for study for college entrance exams just to please her mother. One day, she is asked to be a model for Yazawa Art School's Fashion Contest, and reluctantly agreed. Soon she realizes that she does not want to take the college entrance exams at all, and falls in love with the group leader, George.

Okay, excuse me for my crappy summary, you should all google Paradise Kiss instead! I've always been horrible at summarizing stories.. But seriously, Paradise Kiss is just as good as NANA. The anime spans 12 episodes, and it was "okay", but not as good as the manga. You couldn't really fit a lot of the plot in just 12 episodes (the manga spanned 5 volumes), so sometimes everything seems a bit rushed.

My suggestion is that you watch the anime first and then read the manga because once you've read the manga (amazing, pure awesome-ness), you won't want to watch the anime. So watch the anime first! Emotions are perfectly expressed in the manga, unlike the anime, which everyone is sort-of monotone-ish. Right now I'm in the process of converting the episodes into .mp4 format for my iPod so I can watch it on-the-go!

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anime hunt said...

I watch paradise kiss on animax it's good. It's a drama in anime presentation