Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rune Factory

I've always been a fan of Harvest Moon which is a farming simulation game. Although as dull and boring as it seems, I enjoy simulation games even more than I enjoy RPG's (just like how I enjoy manga/anime that aren't fantasy related).

Having played Rune Factory, it seems more like a spin-off of Harvest Moon (actually, I think it is..) and it is more fantasy orientated. In addition to farming, there's the added concept of dungeon crawling and killing monsters and bosses to progress through the storyline. I don't think that's something I enjoy.

Although as stupid as it sounds, I like turn-based games more than the regular running around and slashing and hacking sort of thing (Zelda, perhaps). I have never finished a single Zelda game in my life. Although I simply adore it, I just keep on dying because I'm horrible at those kind of games.

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